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Start To Be Beauty Queen 2

Let's continue what we started around about Start To Be Beauty Queen.

1-Looking Like a Beauty Queen

3- Make sure you've got pageant hair and nails.

Pageant hair follows a particular look. You don’t want your hair too short, for instance, and you would like it to seem elegant and to possess some volume.

• Pageant hair should have some style thereto. It shouldn’t just hang there limply. to urge volume in your hair, use a round brush. Divide the hair into sections. Work a neighborhood at a time. Try spraying a touch dry shampoo into your roots. Then, use velcro rollers when styling your hair. Put toiletry on them, and leave them certain 20 minutes. [2]

• You also may have a hairpiece. Choose one that isn’t too over-the-top. you'll also add a couple of hair extensions if you would like fuller hair. confirm they don’t look obvious. Hairpieces are often an honest idea when your hair needs some length or volume. confirm they match your hair color and texture. they will also make your updo look better.

• For nails, you would like to form sure they're not chipped or with peeling paint. Instead, choose a chic check out a nail salon, sort of a French manicure. Don’t forget your toes! Get a pedicure.

4- Wear elegant jewelry a day to perfect your look.

Beauty queens aren't low maintenance. They accessorize, and that they usually do so with fine jewelry. you would like to travel for a chic look.

• A thin necklace with a crystal or a layered necklace offers you a beauty queen look. A choker will too.

• Bracelets and earrings will complete the design. Choose jewelry with small gemstones. Earrings shouldn't be too big or gaudy. The rule is to not wear jewelry that draws more attention than your face.

5- Stick with pastels, white or bright colors to face out on stage.

Beauty queens are positive and vibrant, then you aren’t getting to see them wearing darker colors much, like black, brown or gray. Instead, wear clothing in pastels.

• Wear clothes in lilac and pale blue or soft neutral shades with rose undertones. within the winter, when pastels don’t work also, wear clothes with white, navy blue, tomato red, and green.

• Think bright. it's good on camera. Pink, red, orange and blue are colors that employment well in pageants. the foremost common winning pageant gown color is white.
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