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Make the woman feel beautiful and wonderful 3

Let's continue what we started around about Make the woman feel beautiful and wonderful

3-Providing Support

1-Understand female insecurity.

Female insecurity may be a common problem for a reason. Statistically, being conventionally attractive is advantageous to one's career and private life. Women, even very conventionally attractive women, often feel insecure about their looks and tend to feel threatened by beautiful women. attempt to be understanding of this and supply emotional support through listening. Understand women don't actively attempt to be insecure but there's tons of societal pressure to suit a particular standard of beauty.


one among the simplest belongings you can do to assist a lady feel beautiful is to speak to her. Allow her to openly communicate her insecurities to you.

Listen when your wife, girlfriend, or girlfriend expresses negative thoughts about her appearance. Practice active listening by summarizing what's said after she finishes talking and provides verbal cues, like nodding, to point out you're listening.

3-Recognize when there could be a drag.

While you'll provide reassurance, understand you can't fix someone else's insecurity. If you're concerned that your wife, girlfriend, or girlfriend is overly concerned together with her appearance, gently suggest she talk her concerns over with a counselor or therapist this is often especially important if her concerns or insecurities interfere together with her lifestyle. It could indicate a deeper issue, like low self-esteem or Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

4-Nurture her passions and interests.

Women wish to feel beautiful for his or her minds also as their bodies. By encouraging her passions, you create a lady feel beautiful.

Encourage her to pursue her interests. If she's curious about singing, ask her to sing for you. If she's a fanatical painter, ask to require a glance at her work.

Ask her about what's important to her. Ask her about how her day, school, hobbies, and interests were Showing a vested interest during a woman's personality, also as her exterior qualities, can help her feel beautiful.

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