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Make the woman feel beautiful and wonderful 2

Let's continue what we started around about Make the woman feel beautiful and wonderfu

2- Conveying Affection Through Gestures

1- Surprise her with small gifts and gestures  

People feel beautiful once they feel appreciated. Find ways to surprise a lady with small gifts and gestures. this may make her feel positive about herself, making her feel beautiful.

Buy her flowers on a random day of the week without any occasion. Surprise her with a little note telling her she's beautiful. Buy her a little gift and leave it in her mailbox.

Order her lunch and have it delivered to her work. Include a note on the delivery slip wishing her an honest day.

Send her a text telling her you think that she's pretty, smart, funny, or the other attributes about her you admire.

Be creative. consider what your girlfriend, wife, or friend enjoys and consider kind gestures she'll appreciate throughout the day.

2-Plan a flowery date. Sometimes,

getting dressed up for an evening on the town can help a lady feel beautiful. Make reservations at a flowery restaurant. Buy tickets to a musical or concert. Plan a date that involves dressing up. this may allow your wife and girlfriend the chance to settle on an outfit, jewelry, and make-up that make her feel confident and delightful.

3-Engage in foreplay during sex.

Women enjoy foreplay before sex. Not only does it help stimulate concupiscence, but foreplay can also raise a woman's self-worth. If she seems to like you admire her body, she'll feel better about herself.

Take time to nurture different parts of her body. Kiss her neck, ears, shoulders, and breasts. Run your hands up and down her body. this may make her feel that you simply want her physically, increasing her sense of self-worth.

Dirty talk also can help. It doesn't need to be vulgar or explicitly sexual, but expressing your attraction to her in words can help. Tell her what about her attracts you. Describe what aspects of sex you enjoy together with her.

Many women feel insecure in bed and need to show the lights off. Suggest you allow them on, as you would like to ascertain her fully. albeit she says no to the present, she'll be flattered that you simply attracted enough to her that you want the lights on.

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